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About Us

About Us



Throughout years of excellence, Sanita Consumer Products sae has grown into a name synonymous with quality consumer products, outstanding support for the community, and commitment to the environment.

As a member of the multinational INDEVCO Group, Sanita Consumer Products sae, manufactures and distributes a wide range of household, personal care and away-from-home products.

The company is headquartered in Sadat City, Menoufia, Egypt.

In 2013, our exports expanded across the region, supplying various sectors and markets in the Middle East, Africa, and Asia.


We sustain our success by adopting top-notch manufacturing technologies, innovating solutions and aligning with international quality standards.

Sanita Consumer Products sae directs its operations, teams and culture towards exceeding consumers’ expectations.

Corporate Philosophy

What is good for the community is good for the company. What is good for the company, we will strive to do excellently and in a way that enriches the lives of our people.”


Our Vision

Our Vision


  • Aiming to be the first Fast-Moving Consumer Goods (FMCG) Company born out of the Middle East that sets an international example of excellence with its various products and services, while attaining the highest possible return on investment for our shareholders.


  • Successfully leveraging our products portfolio, brand presence and strategic supply chain for households and various business segments and bring a unique value proposition into their lives.

Our Mission

At Sanita Consumer Products sae, we seek to gain customer trust and satisfaction through commitment to the highest product quality and international specifications.  

By translating our know-how and expertise into products and brands with ever-growing value and performance, we aim to promote quality of life for the Egyptian consumer.

As part of our mission, we strive to:

  • Meet the emerging needs of modern consumers
  • Address social and cultural needs
  • Support the National Economy
  • Launch environmental initiatives
  • Strengthen family spirit and sense of belonging in our people


In line with the international industrial group we belong to, our dedicated divisions operate in such a way to support constructive change.



Our Mission



Quality Policy

Sanita Consumer Products sae manufactures and markets a wide range of premium household and consumer disposable products that are in compliance with Egyptian and international statutory and regulatory standards.

Our plans, activities, efforts and culture are geared towards anticipating, meeting and satisfying our consumers’ needs and stakeholders’ expectations.

Our sustained success and strategy of improvement depend on the appropriate technologies and material, continuous evaluation of risks and opportunities, wide sales coverage and efficient use of resources.

 We rely on our skilled, trained and motivated employees to make Sanita’s Quality System an essential part of our day-to-day activities.

Sanita is ISO- 9001 certified and our policy is reviewed yearly to continually meet our quality objectives.